IN celebration of Skin Cancer Prevention Day, yesterday, Monday June 13, the dermatology department of the Clinical Hospital in Malaga organised a series of activities to raise awareness about the disease so people can learn about their risk factors.

Historically, melanoma was a rare cancer, but in the last 50 years its incidence has risen faster than almost any other cancer, in fact, according to latest reports, the incidence of skin cancer has multiplied by 15 in the last 50 years, mainly due to the lack of awareness of the disease and taking minimum precautions when exposed to the sun.

According to the European Union’s data, in the EU, skin melanoma has the 6th highest incidence rate among all types of cancer, with 36,000 new cases diagnosed each year, resulting in 12,000 deaths; in Spain, 2,000 new patients are diagnosed each year, with more than 700 deaths.

Prevention continues to be the best way to avoid skin tumours, and early diagnosis allows up to 95% of cases to be cured, which is why it is essential to have regular check-ups to detect any skin alterations.

In order to raise awareness about the disease, the medical and nursing staff from the dermatology unit of the Clinical Hospital in Malaga carried out tests with a dermatoscopy team on people who showed an interest in the subject.

Non-invasive tests for the diagnosis of skin lesions, especially pigmented ones, were carried out. Additionally, leaflets were handed out with preventive indications to avoid skin lesions, and samples of some sun exposure products were distributed.

Although people in general are more aware of the importance of using sun protection, the incidence of skin cancer continues to increase.


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