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The number of people suffering from skin cancer in Spain has increased by 40% in the last four years 

THE number of skin cancer patients has risen by 40% in Spain in the last four years, according to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology.  Over...

Incidence of skin cancer in Spain’s Malaga has increased 15-fold in 50 years experts warn

IN celebration of Skin Cancer Prevention Day, yesterday, Monday June 13, the dermatology department of the Clinical Hospital in Malaga organised a series of...

Melanoma on the march in Spain says top dermatologist, as half of 65-year-olds suffer cancer

Survival rates are improving ‘spectacularly’ - from just two per cent to 50%, thanks to early detection and  new research on immunity and genetics

Skin cancer operations increased by 30% on Costa del Sol last year

The region has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in Europe

WATCH: Danish video implores Spaniards to protect them from skin cancer

"Remind us that every minute counts under the Spanish sun"

Hundreds screened at Gibraltar Health Authority skin cancer awareness day

The screening day marked the launch of the annual Sun Awareness campaign

Immunotherapy miracle-drug ‘cures’ skin cancer patient

A new drug has rocked the medical world after seemingly curing a man of skin cancer

Drinking in the sun increases risk of skin cancer

Researchers have found that alcohol makes skin more sensitive to UV light and more vulnerable to skin cancer

Use your mobile phone to help detect skin cancer

New app will help give early warning of skin cancer

Sun worshippers in Spain spoofed to ‘rays’ awareness

Spoof ‘miracle’ tanning cream marketed by skin care charity

Skin cancer rates in Spain rise alarmingly

Victims appear to be getting younger, with those in their late twenties the most affected group

Tanning: The bare essentials

Scientists have discovered why your inside arm and bottom just do not tan, while parasols may not be giving you the protection you expect

Skin cancer breakthrough

New master cells discovered in the fight against skin cancer




Man dies in Spain’s Valencia region after being gored by a bull at a local fiesta

A MAN has died in Spain’s Valencia region after he was gored by a bull during local fiestas. Another participant in the event was...


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