Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Woman who split from husband in UK is held captive by family for ‘exorcism’ in Spain’s Andalucia

A woman was locked up by her family for 22 days in Linares because they wanted evil spirits exorcised from her body after she...

Irish man jailed after glassing pedestrian outside Valencia bar in Spain

An Irish man has been arrested in Valencia for attempted homicide after allegedly attacking another man with a glass outside a bar on Christmas...

Doctor punched and paramedic almost strangled during home visit in Spain’s Murcia City

A doctor and paramedic were assaulted during to a home visit to a Murcia City patient. The double attack saw the doctor punched in the...

Familes in drunken brawl over loud music at Holy Communion celebration in Spain’s Valencia area

EIGHT police patrols rushed to a Gandia restaurant on Sunday after a mass fight broke out over the music being too loud. Two families from...

Dangerous dogs escape and attack passers-by in Valencia area of Spain

THE owner of seven dangerous dogs in Beniarjo has been arrested after his animals kept escaping and attacking people. A 36-year-old Spaniard has been arrested...

Panicked motorist trapped in overturned car following police chase on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A 36-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday after overturning his car in a police chase in the Elche area. The motorist had to be cut...

Spain’s Real Madrid attacks French authorities for Champions League final chaos

CHAMPIONS League winners Real Madrid have attacked French authorities over the organisation of last Saturday's final against Liverpool. The La Liga champions secured the trophy...

Boy, 12, removed from parents who continually resorted to corporal punishment in Spain’s Valencia City

A Valencia City school came to the rescue of a 12-year-old boy who was subjected to regular physical assaults by his parents. His mother and...

17 injured- one seriously- as explosion blasts top of Madrid city centre building in Spain

AN explosion ripped through a Madrid city centre apartment block shortly after 2.00 pm on Friday. 17 people were injured- one seriously- with four victims...

Children suffer burn and smoke injuries as fire rips through Alicante area apartment block in Spain

A fire tore through the bottom floor of a Monforte del Cid apartment block on Wednesday leaving 11 people hospitalised. A girl, 7, suffered hand...

Wild boar causes chaos with a three-car pile up on a Costa Blanca road in Spain

A wild boar caused a three-car collision this morning(June 16) on a road in the Marina Alta area of the Costa Blanca. Three people were...

Worst weekend for traffic accidents claims 20 lives

This weekend saw the highest number of fatal traffic accidents so far this year

Dozen dead in Spanish earthquake

Ten confirmed dead, dozens more critically injured, as huge quake rocks Murcia city of Lorca. By Jon Clarke in Malaga

Leap of madness

Four lives wasted as lethal balcony-jumping craze - known as 'balconing' - takes hold




Analysis: Why has Spain’s prime minister called snap elections?

SPAIN’S prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, has been famous for taking risky decisions throughout his political career. And most of the time, these decisions have...


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