A Valencia City school came to the rescue of a 12-year-old boy who was subjected to regular physical assaults by his parents.

His mother and father hit him on different parts of his body, sometimes using a belt, as a form of corporal punishment.

Teachers last week spotted bruises on his forearms and asked him how he got them.

The boy said that he had fallen over but his response did not seem credible.

The headteacher was informed who asked the child’s mother to come in.

She appeared in a very nervous state and confessed to striking her son with a belt.

The school notified the Policia Nacional, who after making some inquiries, arrested her for family abuse.

Investigations revealed the boy’s father to be equally violent in punishing the youngster whenever he broke any rules.

The man was also arrested on the same charge as his wife.

The couple, without any previous criminal record, were given a restraining order against seeing their son as the case proceeds against them.

The boy is being looked after by a family member.


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