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Madrid warns of steep penalties for parents whose children are caught drinking in the street

PARENTS could face steep penalties if their children are caught drinking in the street, warned Madrid police chief after a spate of recent incidents...

Costa Blanca mayor in urgent appeal for ‘responsibility’ amid breaches of new quarantine rules

ALICANTE City Mayor had to take to social media AGAIN yesterday, as thousands of children and adults took to the streets. After 43 days of...

Furious parents slam ANOTHER school serving children ‘live worms, rotten fruit, mouldy green bread and dirty glasses’ on Spain’s...

Araceli Rivera, said her 10-year-year-old son often returned home from school ‘hungry’, as he couldn’t eat the fruit ‘because it was rotten’

Man arrested after exposing genitals to children in Costa del Sol park

A MAN has been arrested after exposing himself at a children’s playground on the Costa del Sol. The 63-year-old Spaniard was held on charges of...

Spain’s parents SLAM school dinners as 94% say canteens ‘need improvement’ amid obesity epidemic

The findings will make tough reading for schools, as just 24% of parents said that school dinners came with information about the ingredients used

Let’s talk mental health: Why teenage suicide in UK and Spain is on the rise and what parents can...

The Olive Press investigates the surge in teenage depression and the role social media plays in self-harming

WATCH: Violent fight breaks out between PARENTS at children’s football match while kids watch on sobbing in southern Spain

The shocking video shows sobbing children getting caught in the middle

British couple arrested after leaving children in hotel to go out drinking

A BRITISH couple have been charged with child abandonment after repeatedly leaving their children alone at a Mallorca hotel to go out drinking. The Scottish...

Malaga couple investigated after baby swallows cannabis

A test showed that the baby had the drug present in her bloodstream

Who’s kidding who?

Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle, muses on her contribution to the declining birth rate

New map for expat parents charts all British schools worldwide

The most comprehensive British curriculum search

‘I want to stop being gay’ books stun Spain

Shocking books on sale in Spain's El Corte Ingles

Parents demand dangerous Costa del Sol bus station be stopped

Marbella Town Hall plans to build that station less than 10 metres from a primary school

No more coasting on the Costa

Ashley Bolton and Wendy Williams take a look at the rise of private education in southern Spain and explore its advantages over local state schools

Classes for parents aim to combat fatigue in children

More and more pupils are struggling to stay awake during their lessons

Grandparents are best

Children are safer being driven by their grandparents than by mum and dad

Search for Spain’s ‘lost babies of Franquismo’

Police have opened an investigation into the newborn babies who were lost in 1960s-70s across Spain

Home sweet home

Over 30 per cent of 25 to 35-year-olds in Spain are still living with their parents





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