A Denia police patrol boat rescued two boys on Wednesday who were drifting out to sea on a windsurfer.

The youngsters had one oar and tried to get back to shore, but a combination of the tide and wind took them further away.

They had travelled half-a-mile away out to sea.

A police Maritime Surveillance Service boat was travelling between the Punta Molins and l’Almadrava beaches when it spotted a windsurfer in the distance with two people on it.

Officers rescued the understandably frightened boys and took them back to Punta Molins to reunite them with their parents.

A Surveillance Service spokesperson said that all users of any floating devices like boards, kayaks and even mattresses should check wind, wave, and tide conditions before heading into the sea.

They should also notify a family member or friend of what they are up to and take a mobile phone in a waterproof case to contact emergency services if needed.


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