A ten-year accumulation of old bed mattresses is being removed from Santa Pola’s eco-park and taken to Europe’s only plant dedicated to mattress recycling.

Over 45,000 mattresses are being taken away by the ecoAqua company.

Mattress Disposal

Lorries are transferring the mattresses to the recycling plant 100 kilometres away at Ontinyent in Valencia Province.

The plant will recycle 100% of the mattresses by means of using pressurised water.

Francisco Larrey, director of ecoAgua, said: “The Valencian Community is the first in Europe to use a comprehensive mattress recycling system.”

“We recycle one mattress per minute and manage to recover all the parts and return them to the market. It is a sustainable action and we also avoid possible fires in traditional storage and recycling”, he added.

Santa Pola mayor, Loreto Serrano, said: “It is a very important day for Santa Pola because we are solving a problem that has been around for many years and was collapsing the and that the eco-park was collapsing.”

“Santa Pola is the first town in the region to use this ecological recycling system”.

The ecoAqua company will spend around eight months recycling all of the Santa Pola mattresses.


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