CUFFED: The Spanish man was held after exposing himself in a children’s park

A MAN has been arrested after exposing himself at a children’s playground on the Costa del Sol.

The 63-year-old Spaniard was held on charges of ‘breach of sentence’ and ‘exhibitionism’ after showing his genitals to children.

Police were alerted by the mother of a child at the ‘Parque Infantil’ playground on Calle Argentea in Malaga City.

malaga police
ARRESTED: The man was held by police in Malaga

After he entered the park on May 26 and sat on a bench exposing himself, Policia Nacional officers cuffed him the following day.

He also reportedly made sexual comments to a child in the same park days before he was detained.

Police have now handed the man a restraining order, banning him from being near minors or the park where the incident took place.

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