AN alarming escape story could have ended in tragedy after it emerged two young children escaped their nursery school riding a plastic motorcycle after the door was left open.

The two-year-olds were spotted by a woman some 300metres away from the preschool in the Andalucian city of Almeria where they had crossed several roads.

She scooped them up and called police who returned them to the care of teachers at the nursery.

Parents of the children were outraged by the incident and have demanded a full investigation to determine whether the preschool was negligent.

Motorbike Children Bounce
Motorbike similar to the one that the children use to escape from the kindergarten. Image from Pxfuel.

The incident occured on the Monday during Easter week when the usual carers were on holiday and replacements had been brought in to take care of the children whose parents weren’t able to take holidays.

The parents’ association as well as one of the mothers of the children involved are considering suing the company in charge of the preschool.

“It is something really serious, something that cannot happen again. It is not enough to say that thanks to god nothing has happened” said one of the mothers in an interview with Spanish news agency EFE.

Authorities at the school claim that the children were able to get into the street because one of the mothers left the door open after dropping off her child.


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