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Driver accused of killing two people in Madrid city centre hands himself in

A 31 YEAR-OLD MAN accused of running over and killing two people aged 72 and 81 in Madrid city centre last Thursday has handed...

UPDATE: Two dead in Madrid after being hit by a car escaping Guardia Civil in high-speed pursuit

Two people aged 72 and 88 have died after being hit by a car that was being chased by Guardia Civil at Madrid city...

Drugged up girl escapes from car after sexual assault in Spain’s Valencia City

A girl was doped on drugs and then forced to perform a sex act on a man in Valencia. She escaped from his car after...

Great Escape: Two tots escape from kindergarden on toy motorbike in Spain’s Almeria

AN alarming escape story could have ended in tragedy after it emerged two young children escaped their nursery school riding a plastic motorcycle after...

Prisoner escapes using bed sheets from hospital in Spain’s Mallorca

A prisoner escaped from the third floor of Son Espases Hospital in Palma by tying bed sheets together and clambering out of the window...

WATCH: Dramatic moment huge tree smashes into crowd in Spain during Easter event

Those present said it was an ‘Easter miracle’ that no one was hurt

ROCKY ROAD: Drivers in Spain’s Andalucia narrowly escape falling five-tonne boulder

With a history of rock falls in the area the mayor took no chances in sealing off the highway ahead of heavy rain forecasts

Chilean escapes a Spanish hell hole

As 33 miners have been dramatically rescued from the depths of the San José mine, another Chilean has made his own bid for freedom from a Fuengirola police station

Top 10 green escapes in Spain

To help launch our new site, President of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Lopez de Uralde tells the Olive Press about his favourite natural escapes

The great escape

Formerly a feared bandit hideout, Andrew Pearce discovers that the picture-perfect town of Olvera is still a great escape – but for very different reasons




Exposed: How a gang paid Spanish women to marry foreign expats in bid to gain them residency

THE Policia Nacional have arrested 32 people in Andalucia for their involvement in a 'marriage of convenience' scam that enabled foreigners to get Spanish...


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