A girl was doped on drugs and then forced to perform a sex act on a man in Valencia.

She escaped from his car after it ran out of fuel on October 19 while travelling on Avenida Doctor Peset Aleixandre in the city.

A passing motorist took her to the area where she lived after seeing her in great distress.

Two days earlier, the minor left her home to meet a man that she knew to get some drugs.

For reasons unknown, she got into a car belonging to a stranger who promised to drive to a meeting point to obtain narcotics.

While in the vehicle, the man gave her some drugs which she took and became drowsy.

She was ferried around different city locations for almost two days, before she escaped from the car after she was sexually assaulted.

Her mother reported her as missing the previous day.

Two Spaniards in their forties have been arrested and charged with drugs offences and a count of sexual assault.

Both of them have existing criminal records.

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