A 31 YEAR-OLD MAN accused of running over and killing two people aged 72 and 81 in Madrid city centre last Thursday has handed himself in.

He is believed to have driven a car at an extremely high-speed, attempting to escape from the Guardia Civil. 

During the chase, the vehicle allegedly ran over two people, killing them. Another five pedestrians were also injured. 

Another man and a woman identified as the driver’s wife have also been arrested. 

An 8-month baby was also travelling within the chased vehicle, a brown Mercedes.  

“A patrol asked the car to stop in the town of Leganes (Madrid) because there was a minor inside the vehicle that was not safely seated. They refused to stop the car and sped away. They entered Madrid and at the Paseo de Extremadura, they ran all the red lights and zebra crossings,” a Guardia Civil spokesperson told the Olive Press. 

The vehicle has also collided with a number of cars. 

It has been reported that the perpetrators of the hit-and-run are a family gang with a number of previous convictions for common crimes. 

They have also been accused of stealing catalytic converters.

At number 154 on the Paseo de Extremadura, the vehicle hit a 72-year old who died on the spot and injured three others. 

Later, at number 88 on the same street, the car ran over and killed an 81-year old man. 

Emergency services also assisted two injured at number 1. 

The driver stopped the car at the end of the Paseo de Extremadura, near Madrid Rio Park. 

He stepped down from the vehicle and fled the scene. Police arrested the other two people within the vehicle.

However, he turned himself in at a police station in La Latina neighbourhood around 8pm that same day. 

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