Two people aged 72 and 88 have died after being hit by a car that was being chased by Guardia Civil at Madrid city centre minutes ago. 

The incident took place at the Paseo de Extremadura at Madrid city centre. 

There are also five pedestrians that have been injured, according to the emergency services. 

It is believed that the perpetrators of the hit-and-run are a gang that steals catalytic converters.

They were escaping from a Guardia Civil patrol driving a brown Mercedes at a very high speed, running traffic lights and zebra crossings. 

The gang has allegedly hit seven people while on the run, killing two and injuring the other five. 

The vehicle has also collided with a number of cars. 

Out of the three accused in the brown Mercedes, two have been arrested while the other one has managed to escape. 

A Guardia Civil spokesperson has told the Olive Press the latest information about the accident.

“A patrol asked the car to stop in Leganes (Madrid) because there was a minor inside the vehicle that was not safely seated. They refused to stop the car and sped away. They entered Madrid via the A5 highway and at the Paseo de Extremadura they ran over two people,” she said. 

She added: “The driver has managed to run away and we have arrested the two adults inside the car. The minor was also within the vehicle”. 

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