A GARDENER has discovered the skeletal remains of a human body next to a suitcase in Benahavis in Malaga province.

The worker raised the alarm on Monday afternoon when he made the gruesome find on the Crest development at the La Quinta Golf Resort.

He spotted a skull which had a mark on it and then saw some other bones and women’s clothing.

The remains were mummified and early indications are that they equated to a female aged between 25 and 35 years who would have died ten years ago.

The Guardia Civil is carrying out an investigation which includes analysing the suitcase which presumably the killer or killers of the woman used to hide the body.

The case also contained discs belonging to a radial saw.

The area has been combed by specialised sniffer dogs to see if there are more human remains to be found.

Missing persons databases in Andalucia are being accessed to see if any profiles match those of the woman.

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