A 78-year-old man has been arrested for having sex with a underage girl in a Castellon public park in the Valencian Community.

The girl’s parents were also detained by the Policia Nacional after pocketing €100 from the man to commit the abuse.

Passers-by in Castellon’s Ribalta were shocked to witness sexual activity between the man and the girl.

They alerted a police patrol that was in the vicinity of the park.

Witnesses told them that the duo were having sex and that the female appeared to be underage.

A Policia Nacional statement said that as officers approached a bank in the park, they saw ‘a girl sitting on the elderly man’s lap’.

The man said that he contracted the services of the girl for €100 via a phone call.

He was arrested, along with the girl’s parents on charges of prostitution and the exploitation of a minor.

The girl has been taken into care by Castellon Social Services and was also identified as carrying out a ‘hugging’ robbery in the area.


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