21 Jun, 2014 @ 08:30
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‘I want to stop being gay’ books stun Spain

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EUROPE’S biggest department store has caused uproar with three controversial books about how to cure homosexuality.

The books – entitled ‘I want to stop being gay’, ‘How to prevent homosexuality’ and ‘Gender confusion’ in childhood – have been met with outrage and disgust since going on sale at Spain’s El Corte Ingles.

All three are written by American psychologist and author Joseph Nicolosi, founder and ex-president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.

Twitter users compared the books – which are also available on Amazon – to ‘medieval heresy’ and ‘the Spanish Inquisition’.

“Spain has come a long way in terms of legal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, but on a social scale there’s still plenty to do,” said Uge Sangil, education coordinator for Spain’s LGBT state federation.

“It’s not just the parents and the children who have to learn about sexual diversity and tolerance, the country’s education system and the people behind it need to promote these values.”

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. There should be a day when people can organize a protest outside all El Corte Inglese stores to show their support for the LGBT community and against El Corte Ingles for selling these books.

    Everyone knows that we were born this way.

    Personally, I am outraged.


  2. There is nothing “gay” about sexual perversion. Same-sex friendships can be beautiful. When sexual overtones come into same-sex relationships, it is PERVERSION, and any right-thinking person knows this! Those who take “pride” in their perversion (unlike those who resist such impulses) carry such perversion even further in a rebellious spirit (and make no mistake: this is a perversion of demonic origin) against divine authority.

    Kudos to El Corte Ingles. Don’t give in to the politically correct knuckleheads who have lost all common sense and good judgment. Those so-called liberals who pretend tolerance are the most INTOLERANT of all viewpoints but their own!

  3. What a pity that Paul F struggles so much with his sexuality, be that whatever it is, that he feels it necessary to comment on someone else’s in such derogatory tones.

    It is, unfortunately, people such as he that cause some to consider going to these ‘cure’ quacks with their evil literature when all they need to do is to accept they were born that way and celebrate their life.

    Thankfully, people such as Paul F are losing the battle to stir up hatred of others but the process is far too slow. But hopefully not too many more young people, and those not so young, in trying to come to terms with who they are and faced with the disgusting thoughts aimed at them by such ‘right thinking people’ as Paul F, will consider suicide and self-harm the better option.

    People who happen to be in love with someone of the same gender as they are affect you not one iota, Paul F, so whilst I support your right to hold your views, even though you seem to think I should not have mine, please keep yours to yourself in future.

  4. See? There you go, perfectly illustrating my point. Those who pretend to be liberal and demand tolerance cannot abide any dissent to their own viewpoints, but instead scream “homophobe” and demand that all opposing viewpoints to their own be silenced. It’s called HYPOCRISY.

  5. I think you need to see a qualified optician, Paul F. Nowhere do I see the word homophobe, nor a single scream, other than in your own writings. Although I appreciate my own comment was possibly a little wordy for someone such as yourself to comprehend in one sitting. I also tried to avoid the use of uppercase as it is generally accepted to be nothing but rude so maybe you missed my point somewhat.

    I believe it was you that started the dissent, if you wish to term it as such, and I’m not sure even now why you considered your disgusting and hurtful comments were worthy of committing to print. But the fact is that you did and I guess you were waiting for someone, such as me, to come on here to disagree with you so you could cry hurt yourself. In that, I am pleased to have been of service.

    Now just shut up, get on with your own life, such as it is, and leave others, who are doing you no harm whatsoever, to get on with theirs.

  6. The author of this book has a very bad reputation here in the US, and now he’s taking his nonsense overseas. All of the professional psychological associations—and some state governments—have branded his ideas on ‘conversion’ to be nonsense.

    I hope that Corte will come to its senses on this one. We’ll be in Spain in a few weeks, and I’d love to shop there without getting in trouble for burning books.

  7. Paul F, another damn Christian fascist trying to impose his religious insanity on everyone else – get a real life and leave others in peace to live theirs.

  8. It’s not quite that simples Big W. If you are an adult in control of your feelings and happy with them, be that gay straight or whatever point on that spectrum you are, then you are quite correct.

    However, if you are an impressionable youngster still coming to terms with who you are, or somewhat older and have been made to feel ashamed of who you are by people such as Paul F above, then such stuff can be very destructive.

    That is why the author has to be shown up for the charlatan that he is – and thankfully the professionals agree.

  9. There are thousands of books published every year, many of which will no doubt offend millions of people. So what. You read what you want in a free society, the LGBT community need to grow up into this idea. Don’t try to shackle authors, publishers and booksellers just because YOU feel ‘different’ – leave that to the Islamic extremists.

  10. Not everybody believes the same things, and everyone has just as much right to their beliefs as you, Paul F. Accepting that and getting on with your life is called tolerance. I get the feeling you struggle with accepting that others have a different point of view, which is just as valid as yours…

  11. If the author feels a need to change the behaviour of people perhaps he could start with the American desire to shoot people? I don’t like homosexuals kissing and cuddling in public but I don’t like heterosexuals doing the same thing either. They should probably ban me.

  12. Paul (Who The) F does he think he is? He has a right to judge others … no chance! Ignorant bigot. And a fool. A dangerous, nasty unimportant fool. It’s hard to believe people like him still exist and think they have a right to open their mouths to spout such evil.
    You should be utterly ashamed of yourself … but that would take intelligence and compassion, qualities you don’t possess.

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