21 Jun, 2014 @ 08:30
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New study says re-route planes to stop global warming

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SPANISH flights could face being re-routed to limit the environmental damage caused by vapour trails.

The trails – sometimes called contrails – are formed when planes fly through pockets of cold, moist air, causing more pollution.

They can be up to 150km in length and last for up to 24 hours and are said to add significantly to global warming.

Now a ground-breaking study – by researchers at the University of Reading – has found the damage could be limited by re-routing flights around the pockets of air.

According to the study, short haul flights can increase their journey distance by up to 10 times the length of the contrail and STILL reduce the environmental damage.

If a flight from the UK to Spain leaves a 20km long contrail, for example, as long as the plane flies less than 200km extra to avoid it, the overall impact would be reduced.

“You would think that you have to do some really huge distance to avoid these contrails,” said lead author Dr Emma Irvine.

“But because of the way the Earth curves you can actually have quite small extra distances added onto the flight to avoid some really large contrails.”

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. Whoever wrote this piece is suffering cognitive dissonance. Chemtrails are real. There are over 14 million videos on Youtube with footage. You are being duped. The Governments are spraying chemicals, they are not contrails. The so called “contrails” get wider and leave a milky haze in the sky. Do the research. “Spanish pilot says CHEMTRAILS are a necessary EVIL” Watch “What in the World are the spraying?” and “Why in the World are they spraying”. Or go the “Chemtrails Project UK” site. These are FACTS, not conspiracies.

  2. Not being able to see the study I can only say that there are usually many studies on such subject & they often disagree.

    In this case, personally I’d have thought contrails were far less damaging (if at all) than the results of aircraft burning countless millions of liters of jet fuel every single day of the year. So if everyone’s happy to not have any aircraft flying anywhere (possibly creating contrails but certainly burning off lots of fuel), you’ve got the problem solved!

  3. Blueskies. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Just because someone has posted it doesn’t make it real. Condensation trails are what you see in the sky. The “milky haze” you see is the water vapour dispersing.

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