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NASA confirms last July was the hottest month ever registered on the planet 

LAST July was the hottest month ever registered on Earth, according to NASA’s global temperature analysis.  The U.S government agency has confirmed last month was...

This July could be the hottest ever on Earth in the last 120,000 years 

THIS July could become the hottest ever on the planet in the last 120,000 years, according to a Leipzig University study.  The research confirms that...

Greenpeace calls for faster action to save Spain from ravages of climate change

A NEW REPORT from Greenpeace has highlighted the effects of climate change on Spain and has called for tough action soon to counter its...

Spain enters long-term drought following another mild winter

SPAIN has entered a period of long-term drought following another mild winter and low rainfall numbers. State meteorological agency, Aemet, said on Friday that the...

Spanish farmer’s grape collection could be client resistant, could tackle global warming

A farmer's vast array of grape varieties he has been collecting since the 1980s could play a pivotal role in tackling the country’s current...

The faithful frog is dying out in Spain and blame is put at the door of human activity

That faithful pondlife inhabitant, the frog, is going extinct in Spain due to the ravages of climate warning and a pandemic of deadly amphibian-killing...

Barcelona in Spain to become a ‘beachless, smog-enshrouded hell hole’ by 2100 under new AI-powered worst-case climate predictions

Barcelona, the glittering jewel of the western Mediterranean, could be enshrouded in clouds of thick toxic smog, see its green spaces wither away and...

The Mediterranean has experienced record sea temperatures this summer: this could devastate marine life

While official data is yet to be released, this year’s Mediterranean marine heatwave will likely have devastating ecological consequences.

True Valencian paella is under threat from global warming, warn scientists in Spain

THE traditional Valencian paella is under threat from global warming, warn researchers in Spain, who fear one of the key ingredients is nearing extinction...

Heed the news: More needs to be done to protect the environment

APART from the devastating and deeply upsetting events unfolding in Ukraine, two very noteworthy pieces of news were in the news last week that...

Climate change activists smear red paint on Spain’s Congress building in Madrid

CLIMATE change protestors daubed red paint on the steps leading to Spain's Congress building in Madrid on Wednesday. Walls were also smeared as part of...

ANALYSIS: Spain’s Costa Blanca now has a ‘tropical climate’ thanks to global warming as experts warn to expect ‘more...

ALICANTE province is now suffering a ‘tropical climate’ which will rapidly increase the frequency of storms, according to the Climatology Lab at the area’s...

Climate change will wipe out glaciers in Pyrenees within 20 years, warn Spanish scientists

CLIMATE change is to blame for the dramatic shrinking of glaciers in the Pyrenees which could all but disappear within two decades, scientists in...

LESS MEAT, MORE LIFE: Spanish minister’s campaign to eat less meat receives a mixed response

HEALTH minister Alberto Garzon has launched a campaign encouraging Spaniards to eat less meat, after research revealed Spain chomps its way through more meat...

Spain gets burnt in hottest year ever with warnings over further temperature hikes

SPAIN had the hottest year on record last year according to a report published today(May 14) by the state meteorological agency, Aemet. The news comes...

Spain’s climate change law is passed in Madrid to make country ‘carbon-neutral’ by 2050

SPAIN'S new climate change and energy law was passed by Congress in Madrid today(May 13). It aims to make Spain a carbon-neutral country by 2050. All...

City buildings plunge into darkness on Spain’s Costa Blanca to raise awareness of global warming

ORIHUELA City Council is supporting the Hour of the Planet again this weekend, and raising awareness of global warming. Between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on Saturday,...

Global warming to bring Spain temperatures of up to 50C, extreme drought and flooding and sleepless tropical nights by...

In its prediction, it forecasts the summers by 2050 will be ‘immersed in a heat wave’, with the mercury ‘easily’ reaching 42C in Madrid, 44C in Bilbao, 45C in Valencia and 49C in Sevilla and Cordoba

First five months of 2020 in Spain were the hottest of any year since records began

THE first five months of 2020 in Spain have been the hottest first five months of any year since records began.

Spain slams ‘silent complicity’ of international leaders ahead of crisis climate change summit in Madrid

Many major countries are not on track to reduce their emissions as agreed during the 2016 Paris summit

SPAIN CLIMATE CRISIS: October was Costa del Sol’s ninth warmest in 100 years

The tenth month of the year was the ninth warmest this century, with temperatures 1.3 degrees Celsius above normal.

‘Warming Mediterranean Sea’ was behind record-breaking rain, claims Alicante professor

A LEADING climatologist from the University of Alicante has blamed a ‘warmer Mediterranean Sea’ for the killer floods that devastated the Costa Blanca last...

More than 50% in Spain fear climate change is ‘threatening’ survival of human race

Some 64% believe it is already negatively affecting their health

Blowing in the wind: Does pollution on Gibraltar’s border with Spain cause increased cancer rates?

Black clouds of pollution billow daily from the industrial chimneys of the Campo de Gibraltar. Is it all merely hot air or a smoking gun for cancer? The Olive Press investigates

DROP OF COMMON SENSE: Are humans to blame for the floods that have ravaged Spain’s Costa del Sol?

Heavy rainfall is not a recent phenomenon, but Mediterranean sea warming and building in the wrong places is adding to the recent flooding problems, writes Harry Ward

Temperatures in Spain’s Andalucia hit climate change limit

In Malaga, Cordoba and Granada the average yearly temperature in the 21st century was at least 1.5°C higher than in the 20th century




Spain’s Malaga reintroduces 14 chameleon specimens into their natural habitat

MALAGA has successfully reintroduced 14 chameleon specimens into their native habitat during September, marking a significant step in their conservation efforts. The most recent release...


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