CLIMATE change protestors daubed red paint on the steps leading to Spain’s Congress building in Madrid on Wednesday.

Walls were also smeared as part of internationally co-ordinated demonstrations organised by Scientist Rebellion.

The sub-group of activists Extinction Rebellion has members with a background in science.

Around 50 people took part in the Madrid protest which was critical of the Spanish government for not doing enough to halt global warming.

Though the Policia Nacional forcibly dragged away some of the demonstrators seated on the Congress steps, there were no actual arrests.

Nevertheless, 20 people face fines for violating the Citizen Security Law.

Rebellion 2
FORCIBLE EJECTION(Rebelion Cientifica image)

11 police vehicles attended the scene with cleaning services summonsed to clear the Congress facade.

The protest came ahead of the publication of the final part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

In the report, leading scientists say the world can still fight the worst effects of climate change, but only with urgent action. 

One of the Madrid protestors said: “We believe civil disobedience is the way to get the topic on the agenda and force politicians to really hear what the scientific community has to say about the climate, about the planet and our future.”


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