A knifeman, with a black cat on his shoulder, threatened passers-by on Tuesday in a Valencia neighbourhood street.

The 45-year-old, with 12 previous arrests, demanded money from several people while brandishing a 24 centimetre-long knife.

His intimidation took place on Calle Brasil in the Nou Moles area of Valencia City.

The man accosted a woman and placed the knife tip in her stomach during his demand for cash.

She fled while the assailant, in an agitated state, went into a bar and brandished the knife in front of customers.

He threatened to sexually assault the escaped woman if nobody gave him any money.

The Policia Nacional were called but he left just before they arrived.

Witnesses pointed him out walking down a pavement with the black cat.

Officers confronted him and told him to drop the knife, which he refused to do.

His aggression continued but the officers managed to subdue and arrest him on a charge of robbery with violence.


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