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Mallorca politician demands end to environmentally damaging ‘ghost flights’ by airlines saving their slots

THE practice of airlines flying empty planes to keep coveted flight slots has been slammed by a Mallorcan politician. The deputy for MES in Mallorca,...

Slurry bad news: Across Spain, dubious industrial and agricultural methods have continued to pollute this beautiful nation

A LEGION of politicians piled fury on Alberto Garzon’s comments about the quality of Spanish meat because he criticised their two most important loves:...

Spain’s Barcelona has its first road made from non-recyclable plastic waste.

A NEW road surface has been unveiled in Barcelona using non-recyclable plastic waste in the first project of its kind in Spain.

66% of Balearic Island beaches could be lost due to climate change

A NEW study claims that 66% of Balearic beaches could be lost to the sea by the end of the century in a worst...

Las Tablas de Daimiel: How Spain’s precious wetlands have been sucked dry

THE unique wetlands, Las Tablas de Daimel, in the central plains of Castile-la Mancha, have nearly completely dried up over the past three years as its water has been re-routed for agricultural use.

How Spain’s Valencia region became the leader in organic farming

ORGANIC farming in Valencia has grown 81.2% in the past five years, more than anywhere else in Spain and exceeding Spain's average which is...

Spain signs up for first grab of European Union’s COVID recovery money

Spain has become the first European Union country to officially apply for a first €10 billion instalment of the Union's COVID recovery fund. This follows...

ANALYSIS: Spain’s Costa Blanca now has a ‘tropical climate’ thanks to global warming as experts warn to expect ‘more...

ALICANTE province is now suffering a ‘tropical climate’ which will rapidly increase the frequency of storms, according to the Climatology Lab at the area’s...

Spain’s Balearic Islands poised for radical overhaul in management of floods after exponential increase in rainfall

The Balearic government has been warned that flood episodes would remain a constant threat in the foreseeable future

Spain’s Balearic Islands make firm commitment to fight climate change

This week, the minister for energy and climate change travelled to international conference to reaffirm the Balearics commitment to the environment

‘Their days are numbered’: Scientist warns that Posidonia will completely disappear in Spain’s Balearic Islands

In a report for the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), oceanographer Biel Jorda predicts that the species is in grave threat of disappearing despite EU legislation to protect it

Why six residents of Spain’s Ibiza have gone on hunger strike in the name of climate change

The group are part of Extinction Rebellion, an international grassroots organisation that is known for its direct action tactics to raise awareness about the climate crisis

Half dozen key steps for net zero in Europe, Spain and Britain

A SERIES of small, key behavioural changes will be enough to prevent global warning, a key environmental think tank has claimed. The British body has...

WHEN CHANGE IS NOT GOOD: UN report highlights climate change threat faced by Spain’s Valencia region

LARGER forest fires, more torrential downpours, flooding, droughts, heatwaves, severe coastal erosion and acidification of the sea await the Valencia region if carbon dioxide...

Madrid plans ‘urban forest’ to reduce pollution and combat climate change

MADRID has unveiled plans to create a ‘green belt’ of forest around Spain’s capital in a bid to combat climate change and reduce pollution. The...

WARNING: Some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches and coastal towns could be lost as sea levels rise

DOZENS of Spain’s most beautiful beaches are in danger of disappearing due to rising sea levels.  Hundreds of thousands of coastal homes could also be...

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Spain’s Valencian government relaunches green agenda now COVID is stabilised

THE Valencian regional government is hoping to relaunch its green agenda now that the COVID situation is stabilised. Valencia was one of the first areas...

Spain’s climate change law is passed in Madrid to make country ‘carbon-neutral’ by 2050

SPAIN'S new climate change and energy law was passed by Congress in Madrid today(May 13). It aims to make Spain a carbon-neutral country by 2050. All...

MORE THAN WE CAN CHEW: Experts warn of threats to food safety caused by climate change

CLIMATE change could have devastating effects on food safety all over the world in 20 years’ time. According to research by Valencia-based non-profit technological centre...

Valencia launches drive to become climate-neutral by 2030

VALENCIA city will be partly climate-neutral before 2030. The local council plans to approve a motion on Thursday (February 25) entitled ‘Valencia Ciudad Neutra’ (‘Valencia...

Future flood fears fuelled by climate change for parts of Spain’s Costa Blanca

FOUR Costa Blanca areas have been named as being in the firing line from severe storms and flooding caused by climate change. A report produced...

German student completes Spain to Scotland trek with her trusty Shetland Pony

A GERMAN student is on the verge of completing a mammoth trek across Europe to help raise awareness for climate change. Johanna Maria Wurtz is...

Global warming to bring Spain temperatures of up to 50C, extreme drought and flooding and sleepless tropical nights by...

In its prediction, it forecasts the summers by 2050 will be ‘immersed in a heat wave’, with the mercury ‘easily’ reaching 42C in Madrid, 44C in Bilbao, 45C in Valencia and 49C in Sevilla and Cordoba

First five months of 2020 in Spain were the hottest of any year since records began

THE first five months of 2020 in Spain have been the hottest first five months of any year since records began.

Spain ranks 14th on list of greenest countries worldwide, while the UK is fourth

SPAIN has ranked 14th on the list of greenest countries in the world, while the UK came in at an impressive fourth.

Spain PM announces €3.75 billion plan for greener motor industry

PRIME Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced a draft bill to push Spain's motor industry into a greener future. The bill - to be presented later...




Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez fires off ‘massive sanctions’ warning to Russia over Ukraine invasion

SPAIN'S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has warned Russia about 'massive sanctions' if it attacks the Ukraine. Russia has built up an estimated 100,000 troops close...


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