A NEW REPORT from Greenpeace has highlighted the effects of climate change on Spain and has called for tough action soon to counter its impact.

Spain is expected to reach two degrees of warming within the next 20 years unless immediate and severe cuts are made to global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the campaigning group.

In the worst-case emissions scenario, warming could reach four degrees by the end of the century.

Maria Jose Caballero, Unit Head of Rapid Response at Greenpeace Spain said: “Projections indicate that if Spain does not cut severely the emissions that cause global warming, the country will become hotter, drier, more arid and flammable.”

“It will experience more floods and high-intensity fires as well as rising sea-levels,” added Jose Caballero.

Ahead of the July 23 general election, Greenpeace says the report shows the urgency of cutting emissions and tackling the climate crisis by taking ambitious measures, to which ‘all political parties must commit’.

Greenpeace is calling for a 55% reduction in emissions and a 100% renewable energy system by 2030.

It says a properly funded national adaptation plan against the threats of climate change is needed. Water consumption needs to be reduced and more money should be invested in fire prevention schemes.

The campaigners say the protection and recovery of ecosystems also needs to be expanded.


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