BEACH hoggers reserving breakfast slots on Calpe’s beaches will be fined for hindering daily cleaning work.

Calpe council has reminded beach users of a local ordinance that prohibits installing chairs, hammocks, and umbrellas before 9.30am.

Any belongings found before 9.30am could be removed and equipment owners fined.

Calpe’s beaches councillor, Pere Moll, said: “We want to guarantee the uninterrupted work of beach cleaning staff and we appeal to the civility of beach users to ensure beaches are not occupied with gear without anybody being present.”

Police powers also run during the day when any beach equipment that is unattended for more than three hours will be taken away and can be reclaimed from the municipal depot on payment of a fine.

For many years, Calpe council has received numerous complaints during the summer about people ‘reserving’ space on the beach with mid-morning arrivals finding large stretches occupied by sunbeds and umbrellas with no owners in sight.

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