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SLOW GOING as cars snarl up Denia on Spain’s Costa Blanca in hospitality closure protest

AROUND 200 cars brought Denia to a halt today(January 28) in a protest over the closure of the Costa Blanca hospitality sector.

Family burglary gang racked up treasure trove of items pinched from holiday homes across Spain’s Costa Blanca

A HOME robbery gang made up of four people from the same family stole stole items worth almost €1 million from Marina...

Arsonist alert over woodland fires in Spain’s Costa Blanca region

A SINGLE arsonist could be responsible for a series of fires over two weekends in the Marina Alta region of the northern...

NO WAY JOSE: Most popular baby names ‘José’ and ‘Josefa’ replaced by what two newcomers on Spain’s Costa Blanca?

JOSE and Josefa continue to be the most common names for men and women in the Marina Alta region of Spain's Costa...

DOSE OF REALITY: Campaign to regulate lethal painkiller Nolotil gathers momentum in Spain

The Olive Press speaks to relatives of victims and campaigners about their hopes of regulating the controversial drug

EXCLUSIVE: Southern Spain hospitals in British expat hotspot issue warning for ‘lethal’ painkiller Nolotil

After the drug claimed countless lives, a health network on the Costa Blanca has issued a recommendation to its medical staff to avoid prescribing Nolotil to Anglo Saxon and Scandinavian expats


Dutch anti-squatter solution arrives in Spain as government progress grinds to a halt

THE scourge of squatters across the country will now face a new hurdle as a fresh Dutch initiative arrives in Spain for...