A FAMILY has been arrested by the Policia Nacional after a €4,000 gold bracelet was stolen from a Palma jewellery shop.

The group used a girl aged under 14- and therefore below the age of criminal responsibility- to carry out the robbery.

Two women and two men entered the city centre premises last Monday with the girl and a baby.

The grown-ups pretended to be potential buyers with the two women and one of the men distracting the shop employee for several minutes.

They stood in front of her to prevent her having a full view of the displays.

Another man who was carrying a baby approached one of the display cabinets accompanied by the young girl and pointed out the bracelet to her.

She opened up the cabinet and pocketed the item, before immediately leaving the shop but re-entering a few minutes later.

The store worker realised what had happened and called the police with the family returning the stolen item.

The four adults were arrested while the girl and baby were handed over to another family member.

The Policia Nacional discovered that one of the female detainees had a gold necklace with a cross-shaped pendant hidden in her underwear and officers are trying to find out where it was stolen from.

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