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Greenpeace calls for faster action to save Spain from ravages of climate change

A NEW REPORT from Greenpeace has highlighted the effects of climate change on Spain and has called for tough action soon to counter its...

As COP27 climate conference starts in Egypt, Greenpeace calls on Spanish PM for better access to renewables 

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigning organisation Greenpeace staged a demonstration on Sunday in Madrid, to coincide with the start of the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference...

Greenpeace to give workshop in Spain’s Malaga early November to promote renewable energy

GREENPEACE has begun a tour of six Spanish municipalities with the aim of promoting renewable energies as part of a green recovery in Spain. The...

Greenpeace hangs big rubber shark outside Spain’s Ministry of Fisheries in Madrid on UN World Oceans Day

A five-metre high rubber shark was hung by Greenpeace protestors outside a government ministry in Spain on Wednesday to coincide with UN World Oceans...

Greenpeace protest at Spain’s top meat producer over pollution caused by mass livestock farming

GREENPEACE protestors dressed in red jumpsuits staged a protest at the headquarters of the Murcia-based meat production company El Pozo on Tuesday. Around 20 environmentalists...

Green activists stage protests across Valencia in Spain calling for action in the wake of COP26 ‘blah blah blah’

ACTIVISTS in Valencia staged a weekend protest calling for action after what they branded the failure of COP26 in Glasgow to initiate real change. Dozens...

GREEN TOWNS: Small village in Castellon among the 10 most environmentally friendly towns in Spain according to Greenpeace

A SMALL mountain village in inland Castellon is one of the 10 most environmentally friendly towns in Spain, according to Greenpeace. A study by the...

Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior docks in Malaga to push for action on climate change

The 'change energy, not climate' campaign will see the purpose-built yacht dock in eight countries and 14 ports

Environmentalists call for huge expansion of the Cabrera National Park

MALLORCA environmentalists want to expand the Cabrera National Park TENFOLD to 100,000 hectares. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has submitted a proposal to the...

Petition to to air Iceland’s banned Christmas advert on TV hits more than 900,000

Iceland, which has three supermarkets on the Costa del Sol, dedicated the heartbreaking advert to the ‘25 orangutans we lose every day’

THE LAST STRAW: EU clamps down on single-use plastics poisoning world’s oceans

EU acts to stem the plastic tide plaguing the world's oceans

FINAL STRAW: Spain consumes most plastic straws in Europe as Greenpeace calls for BAN

SPAIN consumes more plastic straws than any other country in Europe. The holiday favourite throws away 4.745 BILLION plastic straws every year - around 13...

Greenpeace blasts Spain for more than DOUBLING its construction on coastal areas

THE rate of urbanization of Spain’s coastal land has more than doubled in the past 30 years, according to environmental organization Greenpeace. Despite the introduction...

Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior docks in Mallorca to battle plastic pollution

More than a million pieces of plastic per square kilometre in some parts of Mediterranean

Greenpeace activists found not guilty for defacing Algarrobico hotel in Almeria

The 28 campaigners painted the words ´hotel ilegal´ on the complex

Solar panel law in Spain could cost thousands of independent energy producers millions in fines

Green groups fight back against ‘crazy’ solar panel law that threatens €60 million fines and worsens climate change

No victors in the Algarrobico ruling in Almeria

There are no victors in Almeria’s infamous battle of the Algarrobico … except, perhaps, the local rabbits, writes Lenox Napier, who lives in nearby Mojacar and controversially believes it should be allowed to stay

The tangled history and legal battles behind El Algarrobico – Spain’s most notorious hotel

Decade-long struggle between Greenpeace, the Spanish government, the Junta and developers

Algarrobico hotel is illegally built on protected land, rules Spain’s Supreme Court

Decade-long battle saw Greenpeace and Junta protest against Cabo de Gato complex

Green groups call for Spanish sun tax reform

The levy on solar power was introduced by the government in October

Almeria’s El Algarrobico hotel fate will be decided next month

The Algarrobico case has dragged on since work on the building stopped in 2005 on protected land

Greenpeace protest boat in Huelva over toxic waste marshes

Following four years of no action taken, Greenpeace arrives to spread information on the danger of the radioactive waste produced by fertilizer company Feriberia

Greenpeace kicks off protests before ‘gag law’ is passed tomorrow

?Greenpeace activists kick off the anti-gag law protests by draping a yellow banner near parliament

Greens rejoice as Junta plans to repossess controversial Algarrobico

It'a a top week for nature as green groups rejoice as Junta finally takes steps to knock down Algarrobico hotel

Supreme Court scraps Andalucia’s most controversial golf macroproject Los Merinos near Ronda

Ronda’s Los Merinos golf macroproject has been scrapped by the Supreme Court after almost a decade of legal warfare
Oil protest Fuerteventura

Battle for oil: Spain’s pursuit of liquid gold

Spain’s escalating oil exploration dispute is taking on the proportions of the epic seafaring battles of old, as Rob Horgan reports




Man dies in Spain’s Valencia region after being gored by a bull at a local fiesta

A MAN has died in Spain’s Valencia region after he was gored by a bull during local fiestas. Another participant in the event was...


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