ACTIVISTS in Valencia staged a weekend protest calling for action after what they branded the failure of COP26 in Glasgow to initiate real change.

Dozens joined the weekend camp in Valencia where workshops were held on how to stage non-violent action and demand greater social and environmental justice.

Among the participants were a group called the ‘City-Port Commission’ who were protesting against Valencia’s port enlargement project which they believe poses a huge environmental 

threat to the city.

Image: Official Greenpeace Valencia Twitter page

Fernando Fernandez, from Greenpeace’s Valencia branch said: “The pandemic stopped everything but climate change. Now, we are mobilising with greater urgency to demand social and environmental justice.” 

He added: “It’s going to be an eventful 2022 for the ‘Blah Blah Blah’ to turn into the real action we need.”

Brandishing a banner made during a workshop, the protestors gathered at Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences complex unveiling the slogan:‘we do take the risk, you don’t. COP26.’

“From north to south, from east to west… Hundreds of people finish their #ActivistCamp moving on to action after #COP26 blah blah”

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