ley mordaza protest
Photo from twitter

GREENPEACE activists have kicked off the anti-gag law protest by draping a yellow banner which proclaims ‘protesting is a right’ off a crane near Spain’s parliament.

The Public Security Law ‘ley mordaza’ comes into effect tomorrow, July 1, and human rights groups and campaigners are set to protest up until midnight in Madrid.

It has generated widespread controversy, international criticism and raised issues over the freedom of expression.

“This law lacks justification, as there are no great problems of citizen security in Spain,” said Miguel Angel Soto, Greenpeace spokesman.

“The law is there to silence the voices that criticize the government’s leadership.”

The law will make many types of public gathering and demonstrations illegal and protestors will not be allowed to assemble outside Congress.

It will also permit the expulsion of migrants caught entering Spain’s African enclaves.

It would also more heavily control filming and photographing police.

“In less than 14 hours, it will be illegal to TWEET about a protest which has not been approved by the government in Spain,” tweeted Madrid-based expat Richard Shannon.

ley mordaza tweetsIf a tweet contains a hashtag which publicizes a political event the government hasn’t authorized, it will be considered illegal.

The security law, which provoked the world’s first ever hologram protest back in April, could also lead to a €30,000 fine for unauthorised photographs of police.


  1. Stefanjo, well, it would not effect me at all as I’m new to the scene, but for you guy’s that have been at it for years it would be a massive disaster and looks like the room that required a lick of paint might get done after all.
    Me, I would just call in my usual decorator.

    • My question was directed at the O.P. not your “Brave New World” loving self jacko. In case you hadn’t noticed, the O.P. prides itself on being a crusading organ for the expat community. There will be many subjects it may well have to bite it’s tongue about in order to survive. Flippancy is not a great weapon in the cause of free speech and action.

  2. Stefanjo I apologize (not ashamed to say so, not like some people on this forum) but the way it was worded it appeared as a general comment referring to all such as, “what will you guys do?”.

    Perhaps if had been worded differently such as, “what will you guys at OP do?”. Slightly different would you not agree.

  3. Stefanjo please don’t become like some people on these sites just because people don’t agree with each other regarding comments being made. I, like yourself have the right to make a comment without an abusive response but if abusiveness seems to be the norm then abusive resplies will be returned. This forum is for comments not a section for a dictatorial, “I’m better then thou”, and perhaps that’s why my comments may appear to clash with comments by others which doesn’t require an abusive response. A simple agree or not agree would be sufficient and if it’s not an agreement then an explanation as to why. As the saying goes “Two heads are better then one”.
    Stef, you had accused me of babbling, but it was the only way to express a subject to a certain extent and the subject or subjects are from years of experience of being in business and life itself and not a case of “Brave New World” of loving self Jacko, and feel sure if you have had certain experiences of interest information would be appreciated without an abusive response., As I have said in previous comments I stand by the things I have said because I know they are true and surely that’s my prerogative. Again, apologizes if you feel I am still babbling and know doubt it will encourage replies which I don’t really need, not by you perhaps but by others.

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