A SMALL mountain village in inland Castellon is one of the 10 most environmentally friendly towns in Spain, according to Greenpeace.

A study by the ecologist organisation found that Torralba del Pinar, located in the Alto Mijares district near Teruel (Aragon) and with a population of 69 inhabitants, is one of the municipalities in the country that is making the most effort to protect nature and fight climate change.

Greenpeace found that 99.9% of the surface within the town limits of Torralba del Pinar contribute towards protecting biodiversity, while hardly generating pollution due to having a very low carbon footprint.

Torralba Del Pinar
Torralba del Pinar in Castellon Province

This is achieved by being one of the few towns that relies on small-scale and sustainable farming methods, making ‘rural Spain’ a key player in solving the current climate crisis in the eyes of Greenpeace.

Torralba is accompanied on the list of most environmentally friendly towns in Spain by Canejan (Lleida), Riocavado de la Sierra and Rabanos (Burgos), Valverde de los Arroyos (Guadalajara), Navaescurial (Avila), Gistain (Huesca), San Roque de Riomiera (Cantabria), Viniegra de Arriba (La Rioja) and Valsalobre (Cuenca).  

The Castellon town – together with many others in the province – is said to be in severe danger of depopulation, and is one of the oldest municipalities in the area.


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