FLAGSHIP: Rainbow Warrior docked in Malaga

THE iconic Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior, has docked in the port of Malaga as part of a European ‘change energy, not climate’ tour.

Scientists and youth groups have been welcomed aboard the eco-campaigners flagship to discuss ways to tackle climate change.

The ‘change energy, not climate’ campaign will see the purpose-built yacht dock in eight countries and 14 ports.

European governments have not been ‘acting with the urgency or necessary ambition’ on the issue, a statement by the group said.

The international crew have also organised tours for members of the public who are curious what life is like on-board.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Campaigners have been welcomed on board

Rainbow Warrior is the third such-named ship in the Greenpeace fleet, with the original vessel bombed and sunk by French intelligence services in 1985.

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