TWO men have been arrested in Alicante for using fake €500 bank notes so good they were ‘undetectable by machines’.

The sting came after the youths, aged 26 and 27, blew 15 of them in a casino in Alicante city.

The casino made a denuncia to police out of concern the €7,500 was in fact counterfeit money.

But expert reports made by technicians from the National Counterfeiting Analysis Center of the Bank of Spain confirmed the bank notes were of an extremely ‘high quality’.

COMPUTER SAYS GO: The bank notes were of extremely high quality

The notes were so good, in fact, they bypassed the casino’s own machines for detecting counterfeit money.

After locating the alleged perpetrators, on July 9 agents from Alicante’s Judicial Police proceeded to arrest both persons accused of committing a crime of counterfeiting and fraud.

The detainees, both Spanish, were put at the disposal of the Court of Instruction no. 5 of Alicante.

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