LAST July was the hottest month ever registered on Earth, according to NASA’s global temperature analysis. 

The U.S government agency has confirmed last month was the hottest July on the planet since records started in 1880. 

The institution has revealed that the five hottest months of July since the start of the Second Industrial Revolution correspond to the last five years. 

The average temperature in July 2023 was 0.24C higher than in July 2019, which had been the hottest month on Earth until now. 

And it will keep getting worse, as Gavin Schmidt, Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies Director, claims ‘2024 will be even warmer.’ 

He insisted: “The alarming global warming is mainly caused by human-related greenhouse emissions, which are leading to the extreme heat people are experiencing all over the world.” 

July 6, was the hottest day ever recorded on the planet with an average temperature of over 17C, surpassing the previous record established in August 2016. 

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