Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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NASA confirms last July was the hottest month ever registered on the planet 

LAST July was the hottest month ever registered on Earth, according to NASA’s global temperature analysis.  The U.S government agency has confirmed last month was...

King Felipe welcomes Hillary Clinton to Madrid palace audience in Spain

ONE of America's best-known retired politicians, Hilary Clinton, met with Spain's King Felipe on Wednesday at the Palacio de la Zarzuela. The former US First...

Cruise ship bonanza as Spain’s Malaga port anticipates 315 cruise ship calls in 2023

THE port of Malaga, one of the oldest seaports in the Mediterranean, expects to receive 315 cruise ship calls in 2023. According to recent data,...

What do King Solomon, Andalucia’s Rio Tinto mines, NASA and Mars have in common?

One of the most common reactions to visiting the Rio Tinto mining complex is a comparison to a Martian landscape - and that’s not so far-fetched for a number of reasons

MAPPED: Firefighters battle twelve different wildfires across Spain

FIREFIGHTERS are continuing to battle to control 12 twelve different wildfires raging across Spain on Friday, as a drop  in temperatures brought little reprieve. It...

Strawberry Supermoon: When and where to see it in Spain

MOON lovers have a date today with a strawberry moon—one of three that will take place this year, 2022. This type of moon, the biggest...

OLD HACK IN THE SUN: Benny Davis with the ramblings of an 80-something expat in Spain

AFTER my column, 'Spurious Seers', was published last month, several readers jokingly suggested I get in line to become the next horoscope seer. Of course,...

WARNING: Some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches and coastal towns could be lost as sea levels rise

DOZENS of Spain’s most beautiful beaches are in danger of disappearing due to rising sea levels.  Hundreds of thousands of coastal homes could also be...

First ever image of black hole released after telescope in Spain called into action

The image of the black hole does not show the hole itself, but the gases surrounding it

Max Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace and Other Space News of 2017

Last year in August, when the spaceship SpaceX Dragon carrying cargo landed on the International Space Station, it was easy to assume that space...

Spain set for spectacular first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977

Santa's sleigh is not the only object that will draw people's attention in the sky tonight




Brazilian legend Ronaldo, 47, marries third wife, model Celine Locks, 33, in modest Ibiza ceremony

THE low-key wedding of a struggling second division football club president in Ibiza turned more than a few heads over the weekend. But that’s not...


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