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Why Madrid in Spain was named sixth most LGBTQ+ friendly city in the world

A list of the world’s most gay friendly cities has been released, and two Spanish cities have ranked inside the top 20.  Madrid has been...

Where do Spain and the UK rank in top places to holiday for LGBTQ+ travellers?

HOLIDAY destinations around the world vary immensely regarding attitudes to LGBTQ+ issues. Over the last few years, there have been major changes in laws and...

Thug breaks gay man’s nose, ‘corners him in club toilets’ and labels him a ‘fag’ at popular LGBT hotspot...

A local LGBT organisation has condemned the vile incident and called for the alleged attacker to be identified

Shock LGBT poll reveals 20% of teenagers in Spain’s Andalucia think being gay or transsexual ‘can be cured’

Meanwhile, 20% said they thought that in homosexual relationships there is always a male and female role

Three Brits arrested for alleged gay bashing on flight to Spain

THREE British tourists have been arrested after alleged homophobic abuse of two other British holiday makers on a flight to Spain. Police arrested the Brits...

Andalucia locals blast official Christmas poster for ‘looking like gay sauna advert’

Since the poster was released by the Association of Belenistas last Saturday, locals have taken to social media in their droves to criticise the design

Sex, Trump and the BBC: The big divides between Brexit’s Leave and Remain voters

THE British public are more divided than ever. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the Brexit debate, which has divided families and opinion...

Daughter hopes incredible family photos from 1950s Costa del Sol can help solve mystery behind gay dad’s death

IT is a question that has tormented Australian Gina Harris for over 50 years: what really happened to my father on the Costa del...

Former Eurovision entrant to star at Andalucian town’s first ever Pride celebration

Celebrations will include live entertainment from Euro star Fruela and Michael Marouli Music, both of whom also featured on the X-Factor

Gay traffic lights introduced in Cadiz town

Ten lights at pedestrian crossings in the centre of San Fernando de Cadiz show two women or two men holding hands, with a heart in between

Somewhere over the rainbow… in Torremolinos

There really is a pot of tourist gold for Torremolinos, the wizard LGBT holiday hot spot of Europe, writes Laurence Dollimore

Shocking claims suggest Cristiano Ronaldo is in a gay relationship

French TV star speculates about Real Madrid star’s private life

First ever gay police wedding takes place in Spain

The police pair - from Algeciras - believe their wedding will set off a trend within the police force

Gay couple attacked at Almeria feria

The couple were verbally and physically attacked

Guide to Torremolinos’ beaches

From gay beaches to nude beaches, the Olive Press takes a tour around Torremolinos' sandy shores

Madrid plaza renamed after late gay rights activist

The plaza Vasquez de Mella will be renamed as a tribute to Pedro Zerolo

How La Nogalera came to be Torremolinos’ gay hot-spot

Sticking two fingers up to Fascism, Torremolinos offered Europeans the chance to live the free life they desired

Sevilla church slammed for publishing advice to ‘cure homosexuality’

Controversy over Sevilla church which published an article on 'homosexuality cure'

Spain celebrates a decade of same-sex marriage

Spain was the third country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage

Torremolinos: The LGBT capital of the Costa del Sol

The one-time gay British Mecca has morphed into a global LGBT destination

King Felipe VI becomes first Spanish monarch on a gay magazine cover

Felipe was also the first Spanish monarch to meet with LGBT representatives in his first week in office

‘I want to stop being gay’ books stun Spain

Shocking books on sale in Spain's El Corte Ingles

Best to be gay in Spain

Spain is the world's most accepting country of homosexuality, according to new survey

Spain’s first gay and lesbian elderly care home will open next year

The December 26 LGTB foundation has masterminded the project

Gay cruise ship headed to Morocco forced to dock in Spain

The Moroccan tourist minister denies accusations of discrimination

Facebook removes Spanish gay kiss

Social networking site removes the ‘offensive’ shot for 'breaching publishing rules’




Spain slammed for being the European country with more dolphins in captivity 

Environmentalists have exposed Spain as the European country with the largest number of dolphins in captivity.  NGO World Animal Protection slams the Mediterranean country for...


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