ONE in five teenagers in Andalucia still believe that being gay or transsexual ‘can be cured’, a shocking new report has revealed.

It comes despite the result that only 5% of those surveyed think that homosexuality or transsexuality is ‘a disease’.

The study was carried out by the Andalucian Observatory against Homophobia, Bifobia and Transphobia and the Andalucian Diversity Federation.

SHOCKING: Research reveals homophobia among Andalucia’s youth

A total of 5,665 12 to 18-year-olds were questioned across 75 high schools in the region over the last 12 months.

Among the other findings were that 55% of Andalucia’s youth have witnessed a homophobic or transphobic incident.

Meanwhile, 20% said they thought that in homosexual relationships there is always a male and female role.

Also, one in 10 respondents said that they believed gay men want to be women and gay women want to be men.

Around 56% of those polled said they would want to know if somebody was not ‘straight’ in order to ‘avoid awkward situations’.

“We are sad and surprised as many of them [the children] believe that couples formed by two men or two women should not have children,” said Observatory Director Natalia Ronco.

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