A list of the world’s most gay friendly cities has been released, and two Spanish cities have ranked inside the top 20. 

Madrid has been named the sixth most LGBTQ+ friendly city in the world, according to a new study. 

The research conducted by global travel brand Big 7 Travel ranked ‘how accepting’ each city was of the LGBTQ+ community.

Cities across the globe were ranked on five criteria; gay index rating, equality index rating, their readiness for gay pride events, if the country was a member of the United Nations LBGTI Core Group, and if the city had a gay village. 

Celebracion Del Día Internacional Del Orgullo Lgtbi En Málaga
Madrid was found to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community all-year round.

Madrid came in at number six on the final list. 

It found that support for the LGBTQ+ community in the Spanish capital could be ‘seen around the city year-round, not just during Pride’.

The nightlife in Madrid’s gay district, Chueca, was described as ‘pulsating’, with a huge variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and parties. 

The study also referenced a 2019 poll where 89% of respondents answered ‘yes’ to the question, ‘should homosexuality be accepted by society’. 

Madrid has a gay index rating of 11. 

Madrid Chueca
Even Madrid’s metro station for the gay village, Chueca, is decked out in rainbow colours.

Barcelona was also included in the top 30, and came in at number 13. 

The list of the world’s most top ten gay friendly cities included:

  1. Toronto, Canada
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. San Francisco, USA
  4. Melbourne, Australia
  5. Brighton, United Kingdom
  6. Madrid, Spain
  7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  8. London, United Kingdom
  9. New York City, USA
  10. Montevideo, Uruguay


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