A GAY man has denounced a fellow club-goer for breaking his nose and calling him a ‘fag’.

The 35-year-old was partying in a Sevilla club when his alleged attacker ‘strongly punched’ him in the face.


The alleged assault and hate crime happened on November 24 at 5:45am in the venue’s toilets.

The thug, who is described as ‘North African’ is believed to have first launched a homophobic barrage of abuse against the man.

HOMOPHOBIA: A local LGBT group has condemned the alleged attack

When the victim tried to leave the bathroom, the attacker then ‘gave him a strong punch in the nose leaving him totally stunned’, according to police.

He is then believed to have fled the scene, while his victim was treated at the Macarena Hospital.

A local LGBT organisation has condemned the vile incident and called for the alleged attacker to be identified.

The Association of Transsexuals of Andalusia-Sylvia Rivera said this is necessary ‘to guarantee rights, equal treatment and non-discrimination of LGBTI people and their families in Andalucia’.

A spokesperson said there is ‘a political responsibility to ensure the rule of law and for all people to feel protected’.

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