THE Costa Blanca will be warmed by a tropical breeze this week lifting temperatures up to 24º until Sunday.

The warm gust is caused by an anticyclone in the Azores and will see eastern Spain 3-5º warmer than normal for November.

Elche was the most blessed city by the front, reaching 24º yesterday, while Alicante hit 23º.

But the good time will be spread around with Friday’s forecast predicting 22º for Denia, 23º for Alicante and 21º for Torrevieja.

It comes just a week after a blast of polar air caused snow storms and chilly weather all over Spain.

“This situation is expected to last all week, with maximums above 22º and minimums that will not fall below 12º on the coast. We are between 3-5º, according to the provinces of the province, above the normal records for the end of November,” said director of Alicante’s Climate Laboratory.

Olcina said the abrupt change in weather is caused by climate change, which speeds up normal patterns and creates greater instability.

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