FATAL car accidents have claimed the lives of 20 people this weekend, in the worst weekend for traffic accidents this year.

Of the people who died in the 15 fatal accidents, two were motorcyclists and three were cyclists, according to official sources from the Department of Traffic.

As well as the fatalities, eight people suffered serious injuries in accidents which included cars going off the road, collisions, and three incidents of pedestrians being hit.

On the mountain road from Ronda to San Pedro, the A-397, a 38-year-old motorcyclist was killed after falling off his bike and hitting the roadside barrier.

A British tourist who witnessed the aftermath of the accident told the Olive Press: “The whole bus went silent when we passed, everyone could see his arm sticking out from under a white sheet. It really shook me up, these roads can be so dangerous.”

Saturday was the worst day in the weekend for accidents, with nine people killed and three injured.

The worst accident occurred on Saturday, in which four adults were killed and two children seriously injured, when their car went spinning off the road near Albolote, in Granada.

There have already been 251 victims of fatal traffic accidents this year.

In an attempt to combat the high level of fatalities, the Department of Traffic is launching a special campaign against speeding, and increasing the amount of speed controls on secondary roads.

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  1. If the Guardia Civil doesn’t care about such deaths, why should we? Living along the San Pedro-Ronda road, we see that every Saturday/Sunday motorcyclists use this road like the Jerez Race Track. It’s tight turns, blind curves, etc add to the “excitement” for those dumb bikers rushing off to …the Hospital or… the Morgue & Cementary. IF the Guardia wanted to STOP that and the deaths that resulted, they ONLY have to post 2-3 traffic controls up ALONG the road to Ronda, not just at the bottom of the road by Bello Horizonte.
    ps. the fatal bike accidents do NOT happen there!

  2. I turned to the Granada page & found this. Where these deaths in Granada? Is Ronda now in Granada? Re Granada & the Guardia Civil though around here they are too busy trying to pick up female motorists to notice any offences.

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