A doctor and paramedic were assaulted during to a home visit to a Murcia City patient.

The double attack saw the doctor punched in the chest by a 23-year-old man on June 15.

The patient then tried to strangle the paramedic.

The College of Physicians condemned the assaults and expressed its support for all medical staff who suffer attacks while working.

The doctor and paramedic from Murcia’s San Andres Health Centre went to a city centre home after getting an emergency call for help after the man had argued with his parents.


He was a recovering drug addict undergoing psychiatric treatment and had not taken his prescription medication.

The doctor told the La Verdad newspaper that he saw the man’s parents crying at the front door when he arrived.

“They told us to help them because their son was very aggressive with them.”

The doctor and the paramedic found the man in a relaxed state, having a smoke in his room.

Things seemed to be calm until he suddenly pounced.

“He punched me in the chest and I fell to the ground,“ the doctor said.

The paramedic intervened and grabbed the man from behind.

The doctor continued: “They began to struggle down the hall, until reaching the kitchen where they fell to the floor.

“My partner was under him and the man put a knee on his chest and the other at the level of his neck to suffocate him, while biting him on the head.”

The doctor got the patient off his colleague and he went back into his room before the Policia Nacional arrived to arrest him.

The paramedic has been on leave since June 15 after suffering several injuries, with the doctor returning to duties on Wednesday.


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