THE POLICE had to be called to a park in the northern Spanish city of Valladolid on Wednesday night, after two fathers got into a violent argument over the queue for a child’s swing. As well as throwing punches, one of the men involved used a baseball bat to beat his adversary. 

The incident took place in a park called Patricia in the Castilla y León city, according to a report from news agency Europa Press.

In a statement released to the media, the police explained that at around 10.30pm officers arrived on the scene after having received a call about a fight. 

When they got there, the police found a crowd of people as well as the two men, who had a number of injuries. 

Officers were able to ascertain that the row had begun over the children’s queue for the swings, but turned violent when one of the men punched the other in the face. The assailant left the park, pursued by the other man, until he used a baseball bat to assault him again.

The men then punched each other until they could be pulled apart by the people present. 

One of the men was left with a head wound requiring 12 staples in his crown, while the other was left with a broken nose and damage to his teeth. 

Both were arrested and released, with the case now in the hands of the courts.

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