POLICE are investigating a huge brawl that left at least two unconscious at the weekend.

In a video that has gone viral, over a dozen men can be seen throwing punches and stamping on heads.

The fight broke out outside the Malavida nightclub in San Pedro de Alcantara at around 7.20am on Sunday.

Blood was left on the asphalt and several were transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital.

The footage was filmed by one of the barmen who had come outside to take out the trash.

Local and National police are investigating.

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  1. Well actually, the voices that could be heard were generally speaking Arabic. However, why blame and brand the bars as trash? It’s hardly the bars fault…. OK, perhaps they need to police their clientele a bit more whilst inside but nevertheless they can hardly be held responsible for a fight outside of their premises. Perhaps they simply need some better door security? #justsaying

  2. once again comments are being held back and NOT published…………..its ok for the racist Laurence Dollimore to spout anti British Racism but not OK for people to defend them selves.
    racist chas just assuming these idiots were British…..no mention of the fact that they were Spanish drunken hooligans.

  3. RTN is here on the coast…….its a real ex-pats newspapers that is all over Spain.

    Thats ROUND TOWN NEWS…….an Alicante newspaper but with real reporting…..taking over here on the coast….not in Gibraltar or Mallorca but real news here on the Costa del Sol…..


    • Do you work for RTN or something? To be honest, it never ceases to amaze me that some people have so little else in their lives that they can afford to spend considerable time looking at or reading publications that they don’t like just so that they can then post disparaging comments. Why do it? Why not think “this isn’t for me” and go and read something that suits you or your personality? As an example, I can’t stand the Daily Mail. So I simply don’t read it. You do realise that by doing what you do you are little more than a troll? Why would you want to be seen as a troll? And what’s wrong with Lawrence. His views may be different to yours. That doesn’t make him wrong. Or a racist. I quite like him. But that’s just my opinion of course. I hear that he speaks very highly of you :)

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