THIS is the moment supermarket staff on the Costa del Sol were forced to intervene after a brawl broke out between two warring families.

The victim was checking out of the Supersol in San Luis de Sabinillas next to his pregnant wife and daughter  when a man launched an assault.

The alleged aggressor began throwing punches over what seemed to be a pre-existing feud.

He then left the store and returned with several members of his family who also began beating the victim.

Some of the attackers yelled ‘we’re going to kill you’ during the shocking incident.

Several staff jumped in to break up the fight and help protect the pregnant wife and daughter from the brawl.

Policia Local and emergency services arrived to the supermarket to find the victim bruised.

He was treated on site and did not require further medical attention, however he did show symptoms of suffering from an anxiety attack.

No arrests were made however local sources said such scenes are not uncommon in that particular supermarket.

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