A MAN has been evicted from a flat in Gandia, Valencia, leaving behind 96 cats.

The animal shelter S.P.A.M.A Safor and the City Council of Gandia are now looking for homes for the felines.

Hasta este momento hemos recogido 124 gatos de esta casa. Gatos que no han visto la luz del sol y no han recibido…

Geplaatst door S.P.A.M.A Safor op Donderdag 17 september 2020

According to S.P.A.M.A Safor the cats have not seen natural daylight or received any type of veterinary care since they were born.

“The number of kittens that have died is countless,” the charity wrote in an online statement, “Males and females breeding constantly.”

S.P.A.M.A Safor is appealing for people to come forward to adopt or temporarily foster the cats.

“We urgently need temporary shelters to save them – at least until vaccination, better still until castration… It’s not the cats’ fault – they need our help,” it said.

According to the councillor for Health, Liduvina Gil, the man had been evicted from the flat after being sent several official notifications that he had to leave the property.

Gil explained that the animals seemed to have been well fed and that the apartment had been adapted to house them, but that ‘a flat is no place to keep 96 cats.’

A solution is now being sought for the cats, as the local animal shelter cannot take in so many animals at such short notice.

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