NETFLIX murder mystery drama White Lines has captivated audiences with its drug deals and debauchery. 

But Restaurant Illeta, where Marcus and Oriol Calafat gather to plot, couldn’t be farther from the murderous mayhem of the online series. 

White Lines
FAME: Restaurant La Illeta in White Lines (Credit: Netflix)

Untethered from the coast in Camp de Mar, the restaurant appears to be floating where the sea meets the sky at the exclusive resort village. 

In the Andratx municipality – a favourite of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Michael Schumacher – Restaurant Illeta has the best paella in the area and perfectly cooked sea bass. 

Just don’t wear heels on this night out. The restaurant is accessed via a Mamma Mia esque wooden jetty and the trip along the rocks to the loo is even more precarious. 

But rusticity is part of the restaurant location’s charm and history. The island was first constructed in 1932, and only modernised in the 60s during a tourism boom. 

The views are panoramic and the fish fresher than a December morning. It’s the perfect place for a sunset supper as summer draws to a close. 

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