GIBRALTAR now has 26 active cases while the nearby area has nearly 700 infected people.

The Rock’s efficient testing and isolating system had helped keep cases under control while the Campo suffers.

The combined populations of Algeciras, La Linea, Los Barrios, San Roque and Tarifa have all recorded more cases than ever before.

Just today the increase was 37 new cases, although more than 1,100 have recovered since March.

Although these towns have a higher population count than the British Territory, they have also had more deaths from COVID-19.

There are now ten schools with classes in self-isolation since September 10 when they re-opened in the region.

Visitors to Gibraltar from ‘relevant areas’ are being told to self-isolate in hotel rooms for at least five days and get swabbed on arrival.

They are being told only to use taxis earmarked for their use, while being in close contact with the 111 COVID-19 line.

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