NO NEW restrictions are planned for Alicante Province in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, according to the Valencian Community president, Ximo Puig.

On a visit to the University of Alicante, the President said that he did not expect extra measures in the area, similar to those deployed in Valencia City, to cut down on new infections.

“Alicante Province is doing well and the Valencian Community as a whole has one of the lowest infection rates in Spain,” Puig observed.

“We have no plans at all to add to the restrictions that we already have.”

Ximo Puig reaffirmed the need for people to carry on following all the safety rules since most of the regional outbreaks are happening within family and social circles.

Puig said: “We must continue to learn to co-exist with COVID-19 until a vaccine is developed and though it is not part of our tradition, we just cannot behave as normal. That is the harsh reality.”

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