BEACH cleaning teams in Nerja have collected an incredible 16,800 kilograms of rubbish this summer, despite the season being cut dramatically short.

Servimar, the contracted team of cleaning specialists used two small vessels as well as a team on foot to remove organic and non-organic waste left by untidy bathers.

September 15 officially marked the end of the summer season, and let Servimar take stock of what has been a quiet year.

During the same period in 2019, this seasons figures fall understandably short, with a staggering 25,000 kilograms collected compared to 16,800 in 2020.

In the three month period leading up to the season closure, 4,300 kilograms of organic waste was collected, alongside 12,500 kilograms of non-organic.

The main items found were typical of the season, plastic bottles, cans and cigarette butts, however there was a huge percentage of disposable masks that were picked up.

The organic waste predominantly consisted of branches, dead sea life such as jellyfish and algae.

Mayor of Nerja, Maria del Carmen Lopez thanked the Servimar Axarquia team for their efforts in maintaining the beaches and waters surrounding the town.

“The project has allowed our waters to be in the best condition possible for bathers to enjoy during this difficult year,” said Lopez.

Rincon de la Victoria, just 15 minutes west of Nerja conducted similar cleaning efforts back in August, where 800 kilograms were collected.

Just last weekend, Reina Sofia joined in with the volunteers in neighbouring Velez Malaga to remove litter left by users of the beaches.

During the weekend a total of 30 kilograms of waste was removed.

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