RYANAIR customers pay more than €2.5 billion per year in add-ons, a new study has revealed.

Seat reservations, priority boarding and checked bags now account for a whopping 35% of the budget airline’s total revenue.

According to these figures, Ryanair now makes more from add-ons than any other airline outside of the US. 

To check a 20kg bag with Ryanair will now set you back between €25 to €50. Meanwhile seat reservations cost a steep €3 to €13 per journey. 

 “Ryanair flights are not expensive, but it has long been the king of extras,” said Guy Anker, deputy editor of Money Saving Expert to Daily Mail

“Flying most of the time has got cheaper than it used to be, but passengers have got to look with their eyes open.

 “If you want anything other than to get yourself and the clothes you are wearing on board, you will have to pay extra.”

Ryanair maintained that all of their extras were optional and that the prices were fully transparent.

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