THE Queen has paid tribute to three British Nationals living in Spain in this year’s Birthday Honours List.

The annual awards are part of the Queen’s formal birthday celebrations, and are designed to pay tribute to outstanding contributors to their chosen fields or influential figures in their own communities. 

Doctor, Historian, retired university lecturer and Tenerife based blogger Dr Janet Anscombe received the coveted MBE for her work with Tenerife’s expat community. 

Her information and news website, In Tenerife, has long been a go to hub for accurate and up to date information and feel good articles to help British residents navigate the sometimes tough transition to life in Spain.

Second to be recognised by the Queen was youth tourism activist Georgia Hague who received a BEM (British Empire Medal)

Following a tragic fall from a hotel balcony that killed one of her best friends, Hague set up the ‘Stick With Your Mates’ campaign to help promote safe youth tourism in the Balearics.

INSPIRATIONAL: Georgia Hague at the launch of her tourism campaign (Facebook)

After a viral video shared on Facebook of her experiences of losing a close friend, she teamed up with the British Embassy in Madrid and the British Consulate in Palma to promote the initiative.

“I am extremely grateful and humbled to have been recognised for my efforts in Mallorca. If the campaign helped to save just one life, then that means the world to me. Thank you for the positive recognition, I am grateful beyond words!” Hague told the Mallorca Bulletin.

Thirdly, Menorca resident Ian Warren also received a BEM for his services on the island.

A retired car hire company owner, Warren has dedicated his life to organising projects and fundraisers for local charities such as the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal and the Poppy Service in the Anglican Church in Menorca.

Ian Warren 1
PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY: Ian Warren is a popular figure on the Island of Menorca for his charity work

He is also instrumental in the arrival of the British Red Arrows air display team to the island every year. 

“I am very humbled and most honoured to be awarded the British Empire Medal from her Majesty. My journey has taken me in many directions, none of which would have been achieved without the help of many friends,” said Warren. 

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